We provide language lessons both: companies and individuals (1to1 or groups). We teach every age group (pupils, students, adults, seniors) and at every level (Beginner, Elementary, Lower Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced). Our unique learning style allows treat each student individually as we know everyone is different. We have a different approach to children and adults.

spanish, italian, portuguese, english, german, french lessons in London

Regarding children we want them to feel comfortable and safe with us. We teach them using a lot of games and songs which keep their attention. We know it is important to speak all the time in the foreign language with them because they like to repeat everything. It really works, and they make progress while having fun. We want them to leave our lessons smarter, but also with a smile and positive energy.

We teach with passion!

Regarding adults we also try speaking all the time in the foreign language with them although it is not a problem to use your native language when needed especially when it comes to grammar. However, imagine that you go on holidays e.g. to Spain or Latin America and there is nobody who speaks your language. You must somehow communicate with them. Believe us, using mostly the foreign language in lessons really works and you will make rapid progress.

Visible progress with our method!

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Email: centre@futurelanguages.co.uk