Do you want to go to Spain and learn Spanish there? Or maybe you prefer learn Spanish in Latin America?

Are you looking for an intensive English language course abroad and the accommodation?

Do you want to go abroad and learn foreign language deeply, but you don`t know how to do it?

You have doubts because you have never learnt foreign language abroad?

Learning a language in the country in which it is spoken is more effective than studying a few hours a week in your own country. What is more, learning abroad increases your self-confidence, language skills and cultural understanding because you are surrounded by native speakers all the time. A language course abroad will help you find a great job and make new friendships all around the world!

You will learn more than you can even imagine!
Live the language every day!
So what you must do?
Contact us by email and tell us about your expectations, budget, level of language (you can do a free language test with us to determine your level), availability (when do you want to go and for how long), and location preferences. Our Language Travel Expert will help you with everything!
We work hard to help you choose the best language programs wherever you want. After choosing the best option for you we will take care of the formalities and we will contact the school and we will provide you with options for accommodation. You can live in an apartment but from experience we know that the best option is staying with a host family because you can practice the language all the time and in many cases the families offer full room and board so you don’t have to worry about meals.
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